It’s never really a surprise when another print magazine goes under in snowboarding, skateboarding, or surfing… or really anywhere, yet it’s hard to believe it’s happening to SNOWBOARDER. It seemed they had a little resurgence over the past few years becoming something of a THRASHER for snow thanks in part by the street cred of Pat ‘the eYe’ Bridges – snowboarding’s very own Jake Phelps like character.

And there also has not been an official release from the mag, their staff, or The Enthusiast Network yet, but as STAB Mag reported on the death of Surfing magazine (print) they also dropped the SNOWBOARDER bomb in passing. Perhaps not realizing what a big deal it is. As you probably know The Enthusiast Network is the parent company, which oversees SURFERSurfingGrindTVTransworld SkateboardingSnowboarder, Transworld Snowboarding, and many more. They just went through the biggest cull ever. A few trees saved. Many hearts broken.


“Effective February 1, 2017, the consolidation of SURFER and Surfing will take place. The hope is to merge the two into the largest surf media brand. And because SURFER, established in 1960 has long been considered the “Bible of the sport” it will white whale Surfing, swallowing it whole, staff and all.

In addition to the Surfing/SURFER merger, print at Snowboarder mag will also be eliminated and their subscribers will shift over to TransWorld Snowboarding–the world’s largest Snowboarding brand. Also, Kayak and Canoe is culling their zine and going all digital, aligning with GrindTV’s Paddlesports Channel. RideBMX as well is going all digital while Transworld Skateboarding is continuing its focus on digital/video/events/social, investing their print product into a more premium experience and changing its frequency to six times a year.”


Crazy. Even without complete confirmation it’s hard to imagine that they would cull so many titles and leave two snowboard magazines alone. SURFING has been around since 1964, almost 25 years before SNOWBOARDER, and they chopped that. They sliced the throat of TWSurf without even breaking a sweat. Is nothing sacred?

So many questions. Will Bridges stay on and be working for TWSnow or perhaps on-line only? Or maybe become a regular old industry marketing guy? How will TWS and SNOWBOARDER overlap?

As the Feb. 1 d-day quickly approaches look for more info to come out about this soon and also look for a TWS in your mailbox where a SNOWBOARDER used to be.

For more insight to the whole TEN mess check out this interview with GM Norb Garrett about the closing of SURFING and print media in general. 



After reaching out to a few industry insiders no one will confirm the complete shutdown of SNOWBOARDER print like STAB is claiming. But SNOWBOARDER (and on the same page perhaps TWSnow) will not be surviving in the same way they are now. Something big will be changing. One may stay print throughout the winter months and the other may become a once a year hard cover collector book. They both will probably remain websites although maybe one a more skeleton version than it’s current. As Feb. 1 looms and the entire industry congregates at the SIA Trade Show in a couple days the truth will come out.



Bridges is reaching out to industry heads and apparently their publishing model will be ‘evolving’ but print in some capacity should still be in the cards. All will be revealed come SIA.


Click over to STAB Mag for the ‘official’ word on the behind the scenes moves at The Enthusiast Network



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