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Remember Craig Anderson and Dane Reynold’s opus Slow Dance? If you do then visions of stylish slow-mo goofyfooting fill your mind and put a smile on your face. But then you remember that evil fluoro wearing hippie in the intro that burned Ando while sliding on a Wavestorm. Ugh! Wait. Calm down for a minute. There’s always 100,000 words for every video clip. That 80’s snake was none other than Hawaiian-born local ripper, good guy, and friend of Ando’s named Christian Yeager. This interview went M.I.A for a couple winters, but since burners are getting more coverage than the pro’s they drop-in on nowadays let’s check in on the wickedness that is Christian Yeager…

(watch the burn at the 2:00 mark at page bottom)

Rapper: Give us the story behind burning Ando in the ‘Slow Dance’ intro.

Christian: So the story behind the burn isn’t that exciting, I’ve know Ando for a couple years and I knew he was filming for something far more important that my own personal storming desires, so at the start of that session, which was one horrendous, victory at sea session at Rockies, I told him to indulge upon any wave I was going for, him being the sweet little turnip that he is told me the same. He most likely would of done some highly anticipated, progressive, karate jump on that section, but I think he was blinded by my neoprene and gave me the go ahead to party on…..so I did. So now I’m in a Dane movie… I hope people portray me as a kook, or a sealord. That would be neat.




Did you know it was going to be in ‘Slow Dance’?

I saw Dane on the beach as well as the camera fellow but honestly I didn’t think anything of it. People are always filming something for their blogs, or vlogs, or whatever else is happening out there in cyberworld. I wonder how many Brazilian clips I’ve made, I’ve burned a few of them at Rockies over the years.

Do bigger name non-local surfers get purposely dropped-in on on the North Shore sometimes?

Well most Hawaiians burn people in Hawaii no matter what. I grew up in Sunset Beach and get burned everyday, that’s just life, but I honestly think it depends on the surfers personality as well and their “Lance Burkhart/I need this win” desire.

For instance, Craig is such a mellow fellow and will get the shot just picking his nose at Foodland, so people who are clueless of who he is will just burn him, but most humans who are surf nerds just stand back and wait for his silky cat dance to woo us all. But say a guy like Jeremy Flores, or whoever else is the frothing aggressor of the moment, you know, guys who are always needing to prove themselves, they come to Hawaii with one thing on their mind…. The W. I don’t usually try to burn those guys since they usually love jiu jitsu, aka man wrastling.


North Shore Patagonia surf ambassador. Pic: Heather Yeager

North Shore Patagonia surf ambassador. Pic: Heather Yeager

Is the soft top culture pretty big on the North Shore?



A couple friends of mine had the Doyles back in high school, those were all time for us poor kids in summer who couldn’t afford longboards. Then when the Wavestorm came out we were all over them even though it was pretty nerdy to be seen on or in anything CostCo… still it was a joyous ride. Now every G.I. Jane and her cowabunga counterpart has 2 or 3 storms strapped to the roof the Jeep Wrangler.


It ain't all Wavestorms + fluoro

It ain’t all Wavestorms + fluoro

What sort of wetsuit were you wearing?

Oh that old thing? I got that fluorescent flamethrower at the association of retarded children, or A.R.C in Denver, Colorado a few years ago. It’s an old O’Neill piece of neoprene gold, although it makes my nipples pretty crispy if I surf for more than an hour.

What type of boards do you usually ride?

I pretty much only ride this old 7’4 mystery machine these days.

It’s a no name, single fin from the 70’s with no dimensions or shaper signature. I love her. Other than that, I usually ride many interesting crafts from all shapes and sizes. My buddy makes some killer funk wagons over at canvas surfboards but in a perfect world I would just be riding Mark Richards North Shore quiver from the golden years of ’72 to ’77. Don’t ask why, I’m a fan.


3 image

You just moved back to the NS after a stint in Cali. What brought you there and what brought you back?

Well California has an appeal to a person like me. I grew up in Sunset Beach, but I don’t have the desire to work construction my whole life, live tough, listen to Jawaiian music around the clock, or gather at the local fight night spot to train…. SO I moved to California to see what sort of endeavors I could get involved with, and to possibly meet a human or two who was like minded, and quasi ambitious, which after 6 years I certainly accomplished my goals. California being the land of opportunity that it is, still can’t offer the tube time that this tropical boy needs, so I moved home with my lovely lady, and after we get married in a couple months we are moving to Sydney, to see what sort of trouble awaits us there.





Anything else?


lots, and lots of cowabunga.

Several hair flicks,

a bottom turn,

mid-face floaters,

close outs,

not doing airs,

doing airs on boogie boards,

buying high, selling low,


zebra mochas..


Aloha Milky Way




Watch Christian’s non-infraction at the 2-minute mark below. Then keep watching the remaining 34:00.


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