Kassia Meador is out there helping to make the world a better place for us and looking ever so stylish as she does it. Kassia is a woman of many talents and she is now going to be keeping us updated on her adventures monthly through Magic Seaweed.


Here’s a sample of her kick-off interview:

You played a big part in the new wave of female surfers, and stylish longboarding during those years. 
I am really grateful for that time in my life. To be a part of, and see the growth of women’s surf culture around the world, both within the competitive and lifestyle realms of surfing. It is a huge movement that is still gaining momentum. Women’s surf culture is continuing to expand in every way, tapping into different demographics and cultures daily. 

How about Standing Rock, and your reasons for getting involved?
My love for the ocean, surfing, water and our environment in general, is what pulled me to Standing Rock. The fact it was a prayer for water and life, and not a protest at all. People standing together in love and solidarity for what is right; Human rights, water rights, as water is life. Access to clean drinking water was, and is, the biggest issue I have both seen and experienced in my travels. I feel it is important to use our voices to share information, not to force an issue, but to offer people an opportunity to learn, and in that we all have a choice. 


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