Ever notice how quick skateboarders jump on social media trends. They practically got Instagram off the ground single handedly. Still to this day your average pro snowboarder will have less than 20% of the following than a run of the mill pro skater. Even surfing, though they have their stars, pales in comparison. So it should come as no surprise that Instagram is now a daily demo that never ends. We all pity those same pro skateboarders now that they need to come up with daily “content” for their sponsors.

Sad but true.



In the never-ending Instagram demo, perhaps the pro daily dribbling out indifferently phone-filmed park clips is not some navel-gazing lazy, tossing half-baked bones to his or her followers while too hungover to step to street spots. He or she is our 21st century demo king, rifling off tricks and stoking out touchscreen-hypnosis kids who faithfully scroll their way to a front-row seat for the round-the-clock session stretching across time zones, continents and hemispheres, right now, go look. Like when a real demo is popping it’s hard to catch everything if your eyes aren’t peeled and pivoting.




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I am sorry! To anyone who supported me and backed my choice to not dive on the band wagon of self promotion and anti socialism that stems from social media. Never thought this day would come and the feelings of hypocrisy are replacing my last threads of honor. Possibly the only thing that could bum me out more than joining this cult, would be to have to return to the real world and see how far my eye brow tattoos, high school education, and previous employments of paper boy and working at the skate park could get me. So that is what brings me here, cause it seems that the amount of followers a skater has might be more imperative to gaining or keeping sponsors than a lifetime of skating. i feel like i am still pretty young at 26 but have watched the world of skating i grew up with, and loved, transform into something i sometimes dont want anything to do with! but beneath all this internet bullshit and big corporate companies taking every last slice of the skate industry pie, is that i am still paying my bills doing the god damned funnest thing on earth! so am gonna try and keep that going and adapt to this shit the best i can……

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