If you ever came to this site and wondered who was behind the whole mess. Who loved and breathed surf, skate, snow so much that they created the perfect website to filter out all of the other bullshit. Well now you know… it’s me – Andrew Sayer.

The kind folks at the Snowboard Mag rang me up and we nerded out and vented over the industry for hours and it felt fabulous. Please check it out. Jens Heig is up to great things over there. Big plans!



What gave you the idea? Why did you think that you needed to make Board Rap?

I’ve been snowboarding for a really long time and was a big magazine nerd. Even before I started snowboarding, I remember having some of the very first Transworlds. I would read them and still be too small to be able to snowboard; my parents had me on skis. There was something about the magazines that I just loved. And then I went through my snowboard career I also did a lot of writing and working with magazines, a lot of freelance stuff, then started my own surf magazine. Just seeing how the whole media landscape evolved with everything going online, advertising dollars not being spent there and more on social media and blah blah blah… You know the whole story. It seemed like [we] needed a place that got away from the advertiser’s reach. There is probably more good stuff out there than ever, but there is also a lot that has been watered down, a lot was advertorial. A lot of it is stuff that websites have to put up there to make advertisers happy.

So I wanted somewhere that people could go and instead of going to twenty or thirty different websites, just to go there every day and that would be enough to give them a feeling of what’s happening out there in the world that ties in surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding and how they relate to one another. There are a lot of good websites that do their own culture very well and then there are a lot of websites that just mix in action sports as a whole, which I think is pretty lame. If you just group those three things together: the history, the lifestyle, and the culture, it all plays off each other.




Click over to the SNOWBOARD MAG to read the interview about BOARD RAP with me – Andrew Sayer.




Had to make sure Flat Cliffs still live up to their name. They do.

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