There’s something about when dream surf trips go terribly, horribly wrong that is so satisfying to read about while you are sitting not in paradise not surfing perfect waves.

This one from Kristopher McDonlad is about as wild as it gets. Near death and terrible times for sure and to make it all the more stressful his girlfriend was along for the ride. Bad accommodation and trip fixers and a near plane crash to start it off and a full lost at sea / stranded on a deserted island with a man eating crocodile to end it. It’s a doozy and what traveling is all about.



My first thought was had Jane not been there was to leave everyone and swim it. I would have died. Everyone would have died. The second thought was to see where we were drifting. Evidently, straight to Antarctica. It rained. Hard. The boat continued to leak. The area we were in which was very quiet in boat activity was dormant beyond belief, it was the one time in the year in which a Muslim holiday and a Christian holiday fell together. Nothing. The Newcastle boys head down and silent. In a crowded boat, it was very lonely.
Jane calmly suggested we had to do “something”. What “something” was in a pile of confusion. Indeed “something” was to be done. I am not a leader, an alpha male, a great thinker or a big tough guy.

Neither was anyone else apparently.



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