A while back it was reported this piece of shit of a lady stole nearly $400 000 from Clay Marzo and his mom leaving him bankrupt and $30k in debt. This close family friend took advantage of Clay’s Aspergers syndrome and his moms dyslexia, by acting as their personal accountant and writing fake cheques embezzling money, etc. etc.

While the courts have ordered her to pay back all the money it’s not that simple as she will likely get deported. However, they might get some money back from the women’s home being put in foreclosure with all proceeds going back to Clay. What a crazy story.

And it all coincides with the downfall of the surf industry. Clay was on top making all that money when the industry was riding high. Clay is still ripping hard so let’s hope he gets this all behind him.


“Marzo, who has been described as “one of the best surfers in the world” by famed surfer Kelly Slater, only makes a quarter of what he previously generated due to the industry collapsing in the late 2000s. Marzo also does not compete in many competitions due to his condition and makes the majority of his money in sponsorships, which are hard to come by in the world of “free surfing.”

“He travels once or twice a year now because the budget is so tight,” Clark said. “Surfing doesn’t make nearly as much money as when he was younger. He’s living very simply, but still surfing.””


And here is the big kicker!


“She saw us as targets and she took it,” Clark said. And she bought Michael Kors bags. How pathetic.”


MICHAEL KORS!!! The big question here is, if you’re going to steal $400 000 from someone wouldn’t you buy a nicer designer bag than some Michael Kors trash?


Click to MAUI NEWS for the full story on Clay Marzo’s thieving family friend.




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