Wille Yli-Louma had some of the best snowboard style of all time, so it makes sense that when he dropped it all to go elbow deep into the high-end coffee game he would do it better than almost everyone else. Tried Heart Roasters yet? Oh man.

YoBeat “Hump Day’d” Wille and talked mostly coffee, tattoos, Trump, Travis Parker, mountain traffic, and classic snowboarding.



A very special video Hump Day featuring Willie Yli-Louma, the coffee kingpin, the legend from Forum’s 8, and Volcom lifer. YoBeat’s Contributor Editor Mike Estes and Videographer Hette sit down for a video chat with the Flying Finn at his coffee shop in Portland, Oregon, Heart Roasters. We talk about tattoos, family, skateboarding, mountain traffic and dabble into politics. Enjoy! Written/interview by: Mike Estes Improve by: Wille Yli-Louma Filmed/edited by: Hette



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