It was unanimously agreed in the snowboard world that Red Gerard’s slopestyle Olympics win was “good for snowboarding.” And we agree. That doesn’t mean that the wild ride would be any easier for him after winning. He even had to make the decision on whether or not to boycott a meeting with Presidential jackass Donald Trump. In the end he met him and explains why.



Once you won, what happened?

It was crazy man! Right after they did the mountain awards ceremony I went down I tried to talk to my family but there was some girl rallying us to the media center with news crews lined up everywhere. We had a news conference and then we went to drug testing. They blood tested me, which was wild. I’ve never been blood tested at a contest before. After that, I jumped in a car and went straight to the broadcasting center and stayed there until 12 o’clock at night just doing interviews. I woke up the next morning, did the same thing until like noon, and then flew out to LA the next morning. I did the Jimmy Kimmel thing that night and then the next morning I was on a flight at like 5:30am to New York for 2 days, and then back to Korea.

Did they give you media training or guidance for all of that?

They did, but I never listened. I was told what to expect and what not to say and all that… but I was so jetlagged, I just wanted to fall asleep.


What did they tell you not to say?

Just about politics and all that, like with Trump. Just the obvious stuff not to say. Trump was a big one though because media people were all over that. I remember right as you walked outside the athlete village, you go through the security and they were like, “So what do you think about Donald Trump?” and, “You think he’s going to say some stuff about the Olympics?” and I just said, “I don’t know much about that. I don’t really follow politics that much.” That was about it.


What was up with meeting Trump?

It was exactly what you guys saw on TV. It was nothing more than that. I didn’t meet him afterwards. I was talking to a lot of people about going and they were all saying not to, and it was more my dad that wanted me to. We’re not Trump supporters by any means, but he was just saying you might as well go for the experience.

Well, you’re not only meeting Donald Trump, you’re also meeting the President of The United States. Your President. You’ve got to respect the office it not the man.

Exactly. Whether you like him or not. That’s exactly what my dad said. Maybe it’s not the best outcome we could have, but you’ve got to respect it.




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