Age-ism is not kind to females in the Entertainment industry or to skateboarders in general. If you’re over 23 it seems you’re washed up these days unless you’re one of five or so legends that get a pass into their 50’s. Chris Haslam isn’t letting it get him down though as he has spent the last year board + shoe sponsorless, but still filming everyday while living in Barcelona. Enjoying the sponsor vacation he is however. Haslam is one of the greatest and nicest skaters to ever come out of Canada. Stoked to see this new footy whether or not the skate industry takes him back under their wing or not.



Have you picked up another board sponsor since leaving Almost?
When I left I texted maybe two or three people and let them marinate on it. They did not marinate on it long [Laughs]. They said they wanted to concentrate on some of the younger dudes coming up. Since then I haven’t done anything except skate and film. I want to enjoy my time this year instead of worrying about the future. Obviously, I have to think about that soon but this year has been just filming and being free of board and shoe obligations. I’ve been affiliated with the same brands for so long that trying to rebrand my name might be hard for companies.



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