Noah Schweizer is a Florida ripper who now resides in that weird zone between real life and massive social media stardom because of his girl Ireland. He dropped a clip and also talked about what it’s like to deal with the Donald Trump impersonation mastermind Alec Baldwin as his gf’s dad.



Do you have any Alec stories?

We went to Jimmy Fallon with him. I haven’t done SNL with him yet, but I would really like to. Just being with him in public, everyone is always like, ‘Oh shit… that’s Alec Baldwin’. It’s funny when paparazzis are around, because he is not afraid of snapping on a paparazzi.

He goes off?

Just look up “Alec Baldwin paparazzi compilation” on YouTube. [Laughs]

Do you find a lot of cameras on you guys when you’re with your girl (Ireland Bassinger Baldwin)?

Yeah it all depends where you go. The other day we were in Malibu, and I didn’t even see anyone. Then all these pics came out of us riding bikes in Malibu. They’ll call me you know… “pro surfer boyfriend.”




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