Besides the misguided title “Do You Want to Build a Snow Ramp?” this article quoting master halfpipe creator Chris Gunnarson of Snow Park Tech. He gives a rundown on the basics of how a pipe is constructed, including snowmaking, deck building, wall measurements, the dish, and more. When it’s all done together a perfect halfpipe is rideable art.



Danny Davis called the Sochi halfpipe “garbage.” Torah Bright, the 2010 gold medalist, said it was “brutal, and all you can kind of do is laugh.” And though Shaun White wouldn’t blame this, clearly the inferior pipe did not help him on the way to his fourth-place performance.

“We’ve all seen what winning the Olympics did for his career,” said Chris Gunnarson, the president of Snow Park Tech (SPT), who spends his life making halfpipes, including those at the Winter X Games, the Dew Tour and the Burton U.S. Open. “It’s a bummer when athletes don’t have the opportunity to shine on the world’s biggest stage.”

Gunnarson has never reached a deal to build an Olympic halfpipe, in part because he’s never come to an agreement with the IOC to provide the resources he feels are necessary to do it the right way.



Click to NBC MIAMI for how perfect halfpipes are built with Chris Gunnarson





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