Apologies in advance for crushing your longtime dreams today. We know you’ve always wanted to live out a Post-Soviet skateboarding version of Eat, Prey, Love, but sorry to say that Daryl Mersom has already gone and done just that. Did he find love and the meaning of life? Well you’ll have to head over to Village Psychic for that



As far I know there is no such thing as the post-Soviet skate scene; the scenes all bleed into one now. But I hope that like the island of Jersey, or Japan, two places where very distinctive styles of skateboarding have evolved, ostensibly apart from the rest of the world, there is a remote post Soviet scene out there, where skateboarding has evolved differently. We can only dream of the new approaches to skateboarding being pioneered out there in the Asian steppe, where there’s no connection to Instagram, and people pay no mind to current trends.




Click to VILLAGE PSYCHIC for What I Learned Traveling Through Post-Soviet Countries w/ a Skateboard







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