Jed Anderson always seemed like one of those rare snowboarders that was so talented and good at skateboarding that he could live in a city and drink coffee and go to art school and then take a trip to the snow and film an entire video part. In fact that’s pretty much what he does.

So where is he at? Living it up in Toronto and skateboarding like a boss. Drinking hot brews at Sam James and showing off his photography skills @latexmansion. The good life! He may not be cloned as much as he used to be, but Jed will always be one a Canadian great. Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of him on the snow.



“Jed has been designated SNOWBOARDER’s Jibber of the Year three times, in 2012, 2013, and 2015. But even more than these nods to his edge-to-edge acuity is how obvious his influence is when watching local groms sporting his style at their home resort. Few others possess such unabashed and unmatched impact, and for Jed it’s seemingly effortless. But what really makes him one of snowboarding’s favorite heavy metal hitters is the way he lands mind-bendingly complex tricks with uncommon ease; there’s a fluidity to Jed’s snowboarding that isn’t often associated with concrete and steel. So, as long as he keeps riding, we’ll keep watching.”



Click to SNOWBOARDER for a tribute to the greatness of Jed Anderson




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