The first installment of Jenkem’s What Does a Real Art Critic Think of “Skate Art” drew heated debates on the Board Rap instagram with Ed Templeton weighing in on the term ‘skate art’ in general, art curator / Instagram skate critic Ted Barrow, and art critic herself Shana Nys Dambrot getting in on the action.

Now part two is up featuring the art of Jason Lee, Jerry Hsu, Blondey McCoy, Chet Childress, Nick Jensen, Don Pendleton, and Brian Lotti all being put under the knife. Love reading these things and getting a sneak peek into the art world.

Whose did she like best? Looks like it was Blondey McCoy who is kinda co-signed by Damien Hirst.



Sample review:

“I actually find this image really likeable.

Photo-collage can be amateurish and it’s often sloppy, and in a way it’s risky to only incorporate relatively few elements as this artist does. With such a limited number of juxtapositions and no exceedingly intricate or skilled detail work in assembling the cut pieces, the artist doesn’t really have anywhere to hide in the picture, and the small amount of sources they use need to be all the stronger for being few in number.

Where I think this picture succeeds is both in that the half-dozen or so images are each crisp and brightly colored, so that you get this slick surface that gives it all an upbeat, Pop Art quality. And then additionally, there are a few neat tricks playing with scale (lamp/chair, statue/toy) and space (the indoor/outdoor window views) that give it a touch of the Surreal as well.

Against this clean brightness, the hand-scrawled math problems do create a bit of visual drama — as well as providing a clue as to a loose narrative of school or academia (reinforced in the historical antiquity of the bust and the opulent fanciness of the velvet and gold chair) in which the past and future are spliced into something like a joke, but a pun rather than sarcasm.”



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