This just happened. I made it to Rolling Stone. Can't believe this. Thank you everyone!

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Yeah yeah, a whole week has passed since Brian Anderson came out as an openly gay pro street skateboarding legend… next!

But wait. Let’s give this one more look. Even though it was a poorly kept secret in the skate world for a decade – which alone says a lot about skateboardings no snitching policy – it’s still a big enough deal that The New York Times, Rolling Stone, HuffPost, and other big outlets latched onto it. What about the skateboard media though?

Boil The Ocean went all essay once again and looked right into the matter noting that his admission to being gay… “arrives freighted with a universally beloved style, a caseful of contest trophies, parts in the best videos of their eras, and a Skater of the Year title in its most worthy form — a nod that proved out for years afterward. If you were to tally some imaginary checklist for gay people’s ideal skate ambassador, BA leaves few empty boxes.”

And continues to show that skateboarding just isn’t as open minded as we’d like to believe. We poke fun of jocks when the reality is that skaters are (were?) worse:

“Even with relatively little at stake as his pro career ticks past the 20-year mark, Brian Anderson deserves enormous credit for taking a step that can immeasurably help current and future gay kids who skate, and improve skateboarding’s increasingly tough-to-make case as a semi-lawless sanctuary open to whoever, be they misfit, malcontent, mordantly mundane, or otherwise. Even as skating emerges from the dregs of premium-extended cable packages to ascend the most lucrative podiums of international Olympic telecasts, it has failed to keep pace with even the most mainest streamy major league sports, those at which the four-wheeled persuasion still would look down their chipped noses.”


Click over to Boil The Ocean for a full breakdown on Brian Anderson being gay people’s ideal skate ambassador.


WOW @newyorktimes Thank You!! My dad would be proud!! I want to thank Bryce Kanights and Mike Rafter!!!

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