“Skate art” seems like such a big thing because we live in the world of skateboarding and are subjected to it weekly. Some of it is terrible, some of it is great, some of it is just an excuse to drink for free in the back of a skateshop art gallery. The real question of whether or not “skate art” even exists is another discussion entirely.

But what do those on the outside think about skateboarder artists? Do they think about it? Perhaps it is all terrible and we didn’t realize it or perhaps such a thing doesn’t even exist. Thankfully JENKEM found Shana Nys Dambrot and placed some art by Ed Templeton, Chad Muska, Arto Saari, Gonz, and Stefan Janoski in front of her and got some critical analysis.


Sample: (for Ed’s photo above)

“A young couple kissing on a beach is perhaps one of the most timeless images in film and photography history. The sweet urgency of youth, the beauty of both people, their sexy but natural and fairly modest postures — overall this image embodies the very ideas of love, curiosity, and summer itself. There is humor in it too, in the jaunty angle of the boy’s captain’s hat and how he holds his sunglasses off the hot sand even though the girl has his full attention. And there is a bit of wit, too, in the other obviously modern-day details like the shades and the print of his jams, contrasting with the soul of the beach blanket movies of the 60’s which it channels generally.”




Click to JENKEM MAG to read the feelings on skate art from a real life art critic





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