Remember when Burton killed off Forum and the ‘industry’ went into an uproar. The hashtag #GiveForumToPeter was going viral. Well here was the thing. If anyone one of these people was supporting Forum through their dollars the company would have been kept alive.

Same goes for TransWorld except this time around it’s more the brands and industry and culture who could have done better to keep print magazines around. Something one of our favs Desiree Melancon is pointing out in an Instagram post. There’s some good commentary in there. Dive in.


” @scottyarnold_ I think it’s important for us to take responsibility in the things we choose to value. Tws as a mag was lost long ago, when was the last time you bought a subscription or a soft good item because you wanted to support them? To validate that keeping the lights on, matters? Not to mention you can’t compare a seasonal mag to thrasher. They aren’t comparable. I’m encouraging people to spend wisely and know what they put their money towards. We still have a few stable mags and a few cool start ups. If we care in the culture people should invest in those rather than buying likes, promoting posts, and talking about how much “the mag” sucks.”

Whatever your thoughts it seems obvious that in the future we need to support things that we think are cool and not just the latest social media trend even if it may get more hits.


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