Been waiting for this one. The Cozy Bois crew seems like they’re having more fun and looking better doing it than anyone else in boarding right now. Watch the video and soak in the stoke.



At risk of ruining any magic for the viewers at home, it’s worth noting that the cast of snowboard films is often dictated more by sponsor dollars and politics than genuine relationships. The Future Of Yesterday is the antithesis to this.

Max is up now too. He’s wandering around looking for something.

“It’s different with other films,” says Max. “You’ve got a few different crews, and maybe you mix it up, but you mostly stay with the same people all season, then at the end, the footage all gets edited into one film.”

This isn’t how snowboard movies were made at their inception. They were the product of a crew of actual friends who rode together, mostly at the same spots, typically with the same filmer. With more money came more rules and fragmentation. The Cozy Bois’ ethos hearkens back to the early days. The Future of Yesterday is a crew movie in the realest sense.

“A lot of people would say a trick’s not worth filming if someone’s already done it or if there’s a track on the knuckle, or whatever. We don’t give a shit,” says Tor. “People can do the same trick. We’re going to figure it out together, and it’s more about the session. We don’t take it too seriously. Of course, we want to do tricks that mean something to us. But do we [as snowboarders] think we’re so important that someone shouldn’t be able to do the same thing?”

“There are going to be so many tracks and backpacks in the movie,” Theo laughs.



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