The Antisocial Shop – not to be confused with the Anti Social Social Club – has released another video and it’s a banger. They even let a snowboarder run wild with its creation. Who would have thought? Jake Kuzyk you crazy for this one. As the rest of the world thought the Canadian skateboard scene had shifted back to Toronto and Montreal, the social Antisocial crew proves that BC is still in the building. Vancouver stand up! Rick McCrank even found some time off exploring abandoned buildings for VICE to film some tricks for his own shop.

Featuring the soaking wet styles of:

Dustin Henry
Ben Blundell
Keegan Sauder
Rick McCrank
Colin Nogue
Mitch Charron
Brett Stobbart
Wade Fyfe
Mike Mcdermott
Michelle Pezel
Trevor Dunnett
Bradley Sheppard
Landon Avramovic
Jacob Lavelle
Jeff Matheson
Tyler Warren
Ryan Witt



Now head over to the Antisocial shop website and spend all your money.


It's November first what are we gonna do now ? #antisocialvideo

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