There’s nothing like a surf trip through Europe. Sure the waves are better and the water is warmer elsewhere, but tromping around Europe just has this special feeling to it that can’t be felt anywhere else. A glass of red at noon. A last minute train ticket to Paris. That Old World culture. And much much more. Wasted Talent  – based out of Europe – know this and put it all together in a film called EUROTRASH.



“The conception of a plan is a beautiful thing. The execution is a different thing all together.

Conceived on a autumn afternoon in a placid office setting. The whirring of fans and tapping of keys providing a monotonal backdrop. But no morning, lunch, afternoon or Skype meetings could have pre-pared us for the storm we were so unwittingly brewing. From Lisbon to Paris with the Volcom team, via Ericeira, San Sebastian and Hossegor. We would call it Eurothrash and it would be our vehicle to drive however we wanted.

Beautifully Chaotic.

Three countries. Four surfers. Special Guests. Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Late nights. Early starts. From all time Cave, to fine dining in Paris to turning it up San Sebastian and everything in-between. Super Bocks. Toll Roads. Trains. Vans. Pintxos, Hysterical Laughter. Hangovers bad enough to make grown men cry. 15 man surf checks. 15 man bar crawls. 3 hour lunches. Suspicious bottles of water. “Where’s my wetsuit”. The eternal fin key hunt. Red Wine. White Wine. But somehow we kept it together. Became a functioning machine. Kept the wheels on the road. “A well-orchestrated shit show” Eurothrash became a part of us as we became a part of it. As finished in the European cradle of civilisation – Paris , we couldn’t help but feel humbled. A City whose streets gave birth or played host to; De Gaulle, Chopin, Bardot, Hemingway, Baudelaire, Napoleon, Debussy, Monet, Orwell, Edith Piaf. We’re not the first to thrash our way around Europe, and we sincerely hope we are not the last.”


Starring: Noa Deane, Ryan Burch, William Aliotti, Alex Botelho, Charly Quivront and Gony Zubizarreta.

Produced by Wasted Talent.
Co-produced by Volcom.
Filmed by Guillem Cruells and Yentl Touboul.
Edited by Guillem Cruells.
Still Photography by Tom Carey.


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Our child, christened #Eurothrash is now available for public consumption… @volcomsurf @surfline 📷 @yentlt

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