It’s about damn time Lacey Baker got her time to properly shine!

And featured in VOGUE Skateboarding Magazine none the less after being added to the Nike SB team. Congrats and deserved.

Of course being VOGUE they had to ask about her hair and fashion. All due for the course. Wonder how Lacey and Leticia Bufoni get along being what seems like two complete opposites.


Even in a sport known to attract misfits, Lacey Baker stands out. The 25-year-old pro’s distinctive skateboarding style and personal style have earned her cult status and, now, a coveted relationship with Nike, which today named her the newest member of its famed skate team. As a queer woman who has joined the brand’s great skate roster, she also represents a benchmark in the 60-year history of the sport—one that, despite its nonconformist beginnings, hasn’t always been so kind to outsiders.


What influences your style?
It’s a mix. A lot of it comes from queer culture, from obviously skating, and from fashion. But a lot of fashion brands are informed by skating. So I think it’s a back and forth in that world a little bit. I don’t want to sound super-nerdy about it, but I do spend a lot of time thinking about different outfits and the shapes of clothes.

Pretty much every piece of clothing I have is altered in one way or another. That’s the look I want: very basic, but not straight out of the package. So if a sponsor sends me clothes, I’ll alter them. Usually I just cut the bottoms off shirts, because I don’t like when shirts hug my hips. Pants, I taper, crop, or hem. That sort of specific stuff. It’s not about other people seeing me. It’s just the way I want to look. It’s the same way with shoes.



Click over to VOGUE Skateboard Magazine for the feature on Lacey Baker.



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