Exclusive interview with Tyshawn Jones aka the NY skateboarding golden child is out now. Good read from this 18-year old who has his head on straight.

Stays away from the party, keeps healthy, and things his whole ‘cool guy’ Supreme reputation is bullshit.



Some say you’ve got a “cool guy” rep, how do you see yourself?
My whole thing is people say that “cool guy” shit… That shit is retarded. I hear people say “Oh those Supreme guys…” it’s not even like that, we’re mellow and chill. I feel like kids are intimidated sometimes. They’ll come up and talk with me and be like “Oh my god, I thought you were gonna be mean.” I’m like, why would you think I’m mean if you never even spoke to me in real life? Just because I didn’t go out of my way to say hi to you doesn’t mean I’m mean, I just keep to myself. I stick to myself and my small little circle. But if you come up to me, by all means, I’ll talk and we’ll have a nice conversation. I just think you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover just because you never know… anybody could be cool. I met a lot of people who I didn’t think were gonna be cool and I was like “wow, that person was really nice.” You gotta meet somebody first and really have a discussion or an experience with them before you can judge them. Looks can be deceiving for sure.


Click to NY SKATEBOARDING for the exclusive interview with Tyshawn Jones



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