The crossover between the music and skateboard scenes is endless. Here we have Earthless drummer Mario Rubalcaba who skated Tony Hawk as a kid and is now helping inspire Riley Hawk’s band Petyr. Here is a few war stories from back in the day invovling Tony and the whole Vista Skate Locals gang.



Posted up next to Rubalcaba in his Oceanside home, Riley Hawk listens fervently to tales from back in the day. Hawk, 25, has heard his fair share of stories about the skateboarding history of his notorious hometown from his dad, Tony Hawk. But hearing them from Rubalcaba, one of Riley’s musical heroes, makes them all the more compelling. “It’s trippy to hear about those times,” says Hawk. “Because there weren’t Tony Hawk video games when I was young — my dad was just a skater trying to make it work and feed his family. And the only reason that the video games and skating in X Games happened is because he stuck it out and kept skating vert through some really dark times.”




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