Creating your own vision of snowboarding and actually making it happen is a dream not many follow through on. Steven Kimura and Peter Sieper have been doing it for a decade now creating an outerwear brand (Owner Operator), board brand (United Shapes), and even a trade show (Parts & Labour) that all follows how they see snowboarding.



Steven Kimura is juggling. He’s raising a family, building a snowboard brand and an outerwear brand, and starting a trade show at which to exhibit his softgoods and hardgoods, along with a number of other brands his size and larger. Steven is an outlier in the snowboard industry. He didn’t leave a job at a big brand to start his own thing. He was a weekend warrior who paid inordinate attention to snowboarding growing up. Many people in this industry can relate to that concept. You’re an outsider looking in until you’re not, and suddenly you’re part of this thing you had only voyeuristically observed. Once behind the curtain is generally when you start seeing the problems. But Steven saw those problems early on. It’s part of what drew him in to begin with. The further in he got, the more problems he noticed, and he’s done what he can to work around them and create solutions.


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