Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys was one of the real ones when it came to musicians or ‘celebrities’ that snowboard. Today, May 4th, marks the 5-year anniversary of his death to cancer. With all the shit news that cancer has been causing lately as well as all the amazing things that Adam Yauch did with his life it seems a good time to revisit this article about his life. Cool to see that snowboarding had such a calming effect on his life.

And that Bryce Kanights photo of MCA and Craig Kelly up above…. no words.



“Yauch met a new girlfriend, an actress named Lisa Ann Cabasa, and started to get into snowboarding, spending time in Utah’s Snowbird Resort – where, circa 1992, he rented an apartment with a pro snowboarder named Mike Basich. To his relief, Yauch found that few people out there cared about his music career. “We’d go snowboarding during the day – he was pretty good, not very acrobatic,” says Basich, who remembers Yauch as quiet and “good-hearted.” “We’d do graffiti together at night – one time the cops caught us, which is a big deal in Utah.”


“What Western society teaches us,” Yauch told Rolling Stone in 1998, “is that if you get enough money, power and beautiful people to have sex with, that’s going to bring you happiness. That’s what every commercial, every magazine, music, movie teaches us. That’s a fallacy. Maybe there was some realization of that during that Licensed to Ill period.”



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