Trevor Andrew has had a pretty wild post-pro snowboarding career even before he arose like a phoenix as the artist GucciGhost.

Looks like you will soon be able to buy an original tattoo from the hand of GG himself to go alongside your very $$$ GucciGhost Gucci gear as he has been apprenticing under Instagram celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy Tattoo. If there is another thing the world needs it’s another under trained, over priced dude with a tattoo gun. Right? But would we allow Trevor to give us a shitty tattoo? You bet.



Working with Gucci Ghost turned into mentoring him:

“Gucci Ghost [is an] apprentice of mine. Even though he’s not here with me every day, I’m teaching him. I’ve given him a machine to work on his friends, like, ‘All right, keep it safe, make sure you’re keeping things sterile.’ He’s already got the feel. He did a tattoo on me. That kind of changed everything because I’m like, ‘Wow, you’re a natural.’”



Click to THE COVETEUR for JonBoy Tattoo talking about mentoring Trevor Andrew




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