If you follow photographer Tim Zimmerman on social media you know he has strong opinions that he isn’t afraid to voice. Which always makes for the best interviews. Tim has been trusted by Travis Rice and team to shoot alongside them since the early days before Brain Farm was a billion dollar brand.

So check out what one of Travis’ inner circle has to say about The Fourth Phase, the future of snowboarding, and much more.


Here’s a sample:

Obviously Travis’s approach is a unique but what separates him, specifically?

He thinks about things in a grand scale and isn’t really affected by what other people would assume are obvious limitations: budget, logistics, conditions, snowboard ability, etc. I mean, his snowboard ability is obviously at the top level, but it’s how he chooses to integrate that into his movie projects that is so much more unique.

You can be a rad snowboarder, but there are a lot of those out there. It’s how you present your riding to the world that makes a difference. I’m sure if he made a straight-up action porn film like everyone else out there it would have been rad, but I don’t know if it would have had the reach and ability to inspire people to get into the mountains and travel like The Fourth Phase does.


Check out the interview with Tim Zimmerman here.



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