After years of build-up and hype and Travis Rice sailing his dope ass catamaran around the world and surfing his ass off, The Fourth Phase finally premiered in Los Angeles last night. It’s obviously a must see for the Brain Farm production alone even if it is made more for the general population. Reviews so far have been great (except for Iikka Backstrom who is PISSED! See below).

SNOWBOARDER MAG was there to get the whole story.


“The Fourth Phase is essentially a travel-based film, with a twist. In true Travis Rice fashion, the status quo is not good enough, and the theory of this entire movie hinges on the four phases of water. In the opening segment, overlaid on top of Travis’s beautifully crafted Catamaran “Falcor” cutting through anonymous, emerald blue waters; a dot in an endless abyss of ocean, Dr. Gerald Pollack, a renowned professor of Bioengineering, sets the tone for The Fourth Phase’s dissertation, by stating, ‘We all learn that water has three phases. The solid state, the liquid state and also the vapor state. You can’t explain all the known properties of water with three phases alone. You need a fourth phase.”

Blah, blah, blah.

The Snowboarder Mag review goes on to give a great rundown of the entire movie start to finish. Where they went. What they scored. Who did what. etc.


A couple notes of gossip. It was interesting seeing Pat Moore at a Red Bull premiere not wearing a Red Bull hat for the first time because of the war between upstart Villager coconut water + Red Bull.

And also Iikka Backstrom muttering:

“It was kind of crazy, I worked for this movie for four years and I saw zero shots of myself. Kind of bullshit. But, incredible snowboarding. It was amazing to watch.”


Maybe he was being a trickster, but it has happened before. Riders often have no idea how much or how little of their hard work made it into the final product. There’s a long standing rumor that Mark Frank Montoya choked out Mack Dawg after a premiere once as he didn’t have a full part. Hmmmmm. Then again MFM has also been running a pyramid scheme lately.


Check out the whole review + recap on SNOWBOARDER MAG and watch it yourself come October 2nd.

or from the media outlets that were a hair slower to broadcast:

  • Transworld SNOWboarding has a full re-cap, review, + gallery. Perhaps taking a little dig at Videograss? Or maybe it was a dig on The Fourth Phase itself?
  • Snowboard Mag‘s lesson in humility.
  • and a YoBeat writer attempted to make fun.