There was a lot on the line for The Fourth Phase, the most innovative rider in the world in Travis Rice, four years to film it, and a nearly unlimited budget from Red Bull. Travis could go anywhere with any riders he wanted. Maybe this is why most aren’t entirely happy with the finished product. The expectations were just too high. Impossibly high. The Snowboard Mag sat down with Travis Rice and he gave one of the most insightful and honest talks about the making of the The Fourth Phase we’ve heard yet. Even he knows it’s not perfect, but it is his film and his vision. Travis easily could have gone back to the same locations, done an extra flip or added another 180 to his previous best trick, but that’s not what his vision is for snowboarding. He’s here to push it further than anyone else. Go to places not available to anyone else. Locations you can and will get skunked, but with enormous payoff if it works out.

So get the backstory on why Curt Morgan wasn’t directing the project, what Travis liked and didn’t like about the movie, the pros and cons of working with a media beast like Red Bull, the trappings and positives of fame, partying throughout his 20’s, adventure vs. inventure, and much more. Getting to dig around a bit in the brain of Travis Rice is always a glorious thing. He’s a very smart and well spoken individual.


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