Snowboarding is perhaps the least cultural of the three disciplines. Probably because it is also the youngest and still finding it’s feet and also for other reasons. Travis Rice did his part by contributing to the art scene in remote Jackson Hole. It’s shutting up shop after ten successful years.



“Asymbol came about through what I saw as a bit of a gap between creators and appreciators. I’ve been lucky enough to make a lot of good friends in the art and photography world, and a lot of these guys are sitting on an incredible life’s work and have stories to tell. It really shows the story of our culture—snowboarding culture—and the alternative lifestyles that surfing, skating and snowboarding bring.”

—Travis Rice, The Snowboarder’s Journal Issue 9.3, circa 2011




Click to THE SNOWBOARDERS JOURNAL for Travis Rice’s take on the last days of Asymbol Gallery






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