Trashy Surf Fashionista Slanders Entire Nation! | Beach Grit VS. Stab, Booze VS. Drugs, pink pants, +


There’s a bunch of surf podcasts out there right now, but it’s only  when surf trash prose writer Chas Smith appears on Surf Splendor that we’re assured some laugh out loud’s and an thirst for mid-morning vodka soda’s aka “Supermodels.”


“In this gargantuan sized episode of Grit, David and Chas discuss why Derek Reilly left Stab and co-founded Beach Grit, whether it’s okay for a 35 year old dad to skateboard, SUP’r fist fights, Drugs vs Booze, 360s vs 540s, why you should never wash your jeans nor tie your shoes, and things get really real when they analyze whether Curren is the biggest kook of all time. And it all happens while the boys imbibe a cool afternoon cocktail. Take the candy!”


Click to SURF SPLENDOR to listen to Chas Smith slander the entire world. 




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