Toronto Skateboarder Takes the Long Road to Becoming an Artist in Berlin | The Paul Otvos story


Further proving that every skateboarder is a talented artist in some field is Toronto skateboarder Paul Otvos. He’s had the kind of interesting career in skateboarding that shows his only passion isn’t just skateboarding, but living life itself. In our opinion these interviews with skater/whatever’s are usually much more interesting than listening to some naturally gifted robotic superpro skater. And Young Egg Archive is good at doing them.

Paul’s skated and lived with the best of them including Mark Appleyard. Peaced out of cold Canadian winters to spend time in San Francisco, then jumped over to Hawaii for a year or so on a moment’s notice before getting island fever and ending up in Huntington. Then who knows where. Then I started seeing him at Black bar in Hollywood along with every other cool guy skater every time I went there, so that must have been his LA residency. At some point, maybe before this, he took a skate trip to Barcelona then said “LATER DUDES!” at the airport and stayed awhile. Right now? Well him and his girl did an hour of goggling and ended up in Berlin where he’s painting everyday.

So if anyone in Canada ever wondered what happened to Paul Otvo’s, he is in Berlin and still living it up.


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