Is snowboarding getting cooler or is it just us? Seems like we’ve finally started giving our legends the respect they deserve. The 34th annual Tom Sims Retro World Championships was further proof of that. Todd Richards and more killed it on retro gear. Thanks Tom!


“Snowboarding’s colorful past was represented well with the likes of Noah Salasnek, Terry Kidwell, Chris Roach, Andy Finch, Mike Chantry, Don Szabo, Don Bostick,  Kevin Delaney, Todd Richards, Mikey & Tina Basich, Andy Berendsen and many, many more.  Along with the all the legendary riders and retro boards,  where the next generation of shredders like Ryan Flaska, Caleb Bonneville and Seth Hill.

This three-day snowboarding family reunion was just what this industry needed. No prize money or live television coverage. Just pure snowboarding with friends family in a hand-dug halfpipe with a heavy metal band. It was a snowboarding contest in its purest form, which is to say it was messy, ran late and was completely awesome.”


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