Time magazine’s 2018 list of the 10o most influential people includes world leaders, world changers, a couple of the biggest artist and athletes, and one lone female pro snowboarder doing us proud. Chloe Kim landed on the list fresh off her domination of the women’s halfpipe at the 2018 winter Olympics. Celeb food dude David Chang, who could make the list himself, did the write-up about Chloe.



Four years later, at the PyeongChang Olympics, everyone got to see that talent on display when Chloe won gold in the half-pipe competition. I felt two things simultaneously: incredibly happy for her—I made her a celebratory churro ice cream sandwich, which I think she called “bomb”—but also sad, because the whole world was about to descend on this now 17-year-old girl.

It’s hard for me to imagine the amount of pressure Chloe must have internalized. As fans, we saddled her with four years’ worth of built-up expectations. Asian-­American fans further piled on their hopes that she would shatter Asian stereotypes on her way to the podium. And to top it all off, she was competing in her parents’ birth country, one that is notoriously judgmental of its diaspora.




Click to TIME MAGAZINE for the feature on Chloe Kim as part of the Most Influential People List





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