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Skateboardings most authentic prize is being awarded Thrasher‘s Skater of the Year. So just being nominated means you were in the top 5 or so of all street skaters. When Brian Anderson came out of the closet media outlets were describe the occasion as momentous because a, “SOTY” was gay. When Dylan Rieder passed away people started campaigning that he should be awarded SOTY because the man fucking earned one! It’s that much of an honor.

While the official nominee’s aren’t in yet Boil The Ocean has strung their lengthy and intelligent words together again giving their thoughts on the front runners.

“A genuine belt-straining tightness exists in this year’s campaign as associated runners and riders go blow-for-blow in high-def video clips and in the comparatively antiquated medium of physical magazine cover shots, all of it inuring to Joe Kickflip’s general awe and stoke. Here’s who it seems like may be potentially in possible contention….. “

They named Evan Smith, Jerry Hsu, Kyle Walker, Justin Figueroa, and Daan Van der Linden, Tiago Lemos, and Dennis Busenitz to their list of maybe’s and broke down why in every case.


Click over to BOIL THE OCEAN to look into reasoning behind their predictions for the SOTY campaign



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