There’s something about novelty waves with a bit of legitimate perfection that makes them oh so special. When (crowded) perfection happens in a certain location every swell or once a week or even a couple times a month it just becomes expected. But when you’ve been waiting years for a certain surf spot to turn on and then it does and no one is around… well that’s what it’s all about. The North Sea in Holland is one of those places.



Don’t get me wrong. Scoring waves in a place that is blessed with decent or consistent surf never gets boring. It’s what surfing is about. Whether that is on a epic French sandbank, barreling Portuguese reef, Irish slab, American A-frame skatepark, Australian point or some perfect tropical coral. Yet I think scoring quality waves at a place that doesn’t receive swell so often is a different experience.

Different in a way that maybe the energy of the place changes, because its not used to the energy of clean breaking waves. Maybe it is because not a whole lot of people have ridden waves at that location before and it’s usually uncrowded, more pure. Maybe because there are plenty of discoveries to be made. Maybe its because those few times a year, exceptional sessions almost feel like a miracle when they happen. Which they are in a way. Its almost like all those conditions coming together that produce high quality waves should not be possible at that place or spot. Or maybe you just have to come from such a wave poor country to recognize and appreciate that long term, special anticipation. To fully feel the reward. Surfing waves at spots that are unique experiences in their own right. Its probably got to do with where we are from and how we’ve been conditioned, but I can say I’m a big fan of surfing these different, wave starved places on those special moments.




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