pat bridges the rock think thank premiere

The industry is tightening up. Brands don’t even want to sponsor movies anymore. Soon the days will be dark and the only media coming out will be controlled by brands. At least Pat Bridges will still love snowboarding.

He talked about it unguarded after the THINK THANK premiere for The Weather Outside is Weather:

“I thought it was great. I loved it. For some, in the past succeeding at the ensemble approach can be illusive. Except, in this instance. They kept it to a tight crew. They kept it nice. They didn’t fall into the location-based format. The way they put a spin on it, was that they chose themes. It was lids, knobs, and Phil. There was a hammer moment at the end. Each section had an escalating moment, which was great, but they saved the best for last. Instead of going, ‘Oh we went here, we did this.’ Invariably, that makes it too hard to have a high level of quality, but by sitting there and saying, ‘Well, take all the best knobs, all the best lids, all best clips and section it off….’”

It’s hard enough traveling around with a winch, let alone twenty trashcan lids. I fucking thought it was great because it wasn’t a shit ton of people. You don’t have to waste time introducing everyone because there are only six people. Everything’s a fucking montage. This wasn’t a montage. It was an ensemble. The integration of snowboarding and skateboard was needed. They wanted to introduce Phil. He didn’t have enough snow shots. It was gnarly, but there wasn’t enough and he needed more. So they put in the skate shots. He might be the best nineteen-year-old in the backcountry right now.

“In all actuality, I think it was a much more disciplined Think Thank movie than they have done [in the past],” Bridges continued. “It was avante garde, but it was cohesive. So many times art for arts sake isn’t accessible, but this time it was. That right there is a passion project. That movie was great.”


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