It’s not everyday that mainstream sports outlet Deadspin writes about skateboarding, so it’s worth a read to see what all those people that aren’t reading skateboard media are exposed to. Here they talk about that classic “Rodney Mullen Vs. Daewon Song”.



What Mullen was doing in his years away from the crowd was so far out there it didn’t compute. He didn’t move boards or sell gear because he wasn’t street enough. He wasn’t Andrew Reynolds popping ollies down huge sets of stairs or Hawk ripping up vert or Danny Way flying as high as anyone had ever dreamed. “It was more like, ‘Whatever he’s doing over there is crazy, but it’s not what we’re doing,’” Hawk says. “Then he took that to the street and it was like, ‘Oh shit, look at him. He’s way beyond anything we have ever imagined.’”

It’s difficult to overstate how much this video meant for both Song and Mullen. Friends argued over who won and who lost. The battle was a contrast in styles between similar but different skaters, but it was also a way for younger skaters to see themselves in these two virtuosos.



Click to DEADSPIN for their take on the classic skate film “Rodney Mullen Vs. Daewon Song”





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