Lacey Baker has had the breakout last few years. Now she’s living in NYC and starring in Brian Anderson’s Cave Homo mag. Epic. Anthony Pappalardo aka “The Writer” lays this one out clean as he always does. Lacey is the skate hero we need!



“They wanted me to keep my long blonde hair and be feminine, because it’s marketable,” she says. “I knew that would never be me. There were a lot of comments – ‘The boys are wearing tight pants, you should wear them too.’ I was 12, so I thought that maybe they were right.

“I’ve had sponsors that I didn’t like and quit them, even with money on the table, because they didn’t feel suited to me. I trust my gut and try to imagine, ‘What would it feel like if I had to put an energy drink sticker on my board?’ It’s not for me. No shade to anyone who is making their money [that way]. Money is great, but some shit can be really soul-sucking.”

Perception is everything in skateboarding. While it may seem like a massive global industry, the inner workings of it are small and incestuous. Traditionally, standing out as an individual can be your strongest trait or a total liability. It’s a landscape where leaving sponsors – the kind that wield a big footprint – can be devastating to the point of career-ending.




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