DIY skateparks have their own code of conduct, ethics, and respect that must be followed. Get into a session surf, but don’t be a kook.

Village Psychic continues their epic “Rules of Skateboarding” series.



I know you’ve been involved in a lot of DIYs in Atlanta and elsewhere. Is there a code of ethics or rules that applies to these private places?

I wanted to say that I think “DIY spot” shouldn’t be the terminology, because nobody does it by themselves. Did it ourselves. DIO. It should just be common knowledge if you hang out at a spot for long enough. If you helped build it, you already have that as your ground to be there.

A code of ethics though, if you show up? Yeah, sure, I guess. Today it’s so much different, you know? Just showing up with some beer and some weed, that’s standard. You’re just like “Hey, how’s it going? Mind if I help out or skate?”

I guess it depends on what state the place is in. If you roll up and a bunch of guys are working while you’re trying to skate, then you have issues. Of course there’s a code of conduct or whatever. Who has ethics?




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