We’ve always loved interviews with the incredibly passionate and opinionated Marc Johnson, especially that one we did with him where he gave up the truth on Lakai/Chocolate and what he thinks about that whole crew now, the old Nike/Jenkem interview controversy. . This one for Village Psychic breaks down what a circus trick is, and of course discusses Instagrams role in the chaos.



Over your career you’ve managed to make highly technical skating look pretty good, but I think a lot of the tricks the you’ve filmed might invoke eye rolls if some 15 year old busted them out of the skatepark. Are there any tricks in skateboarding that you think are kooky enough that they deserve to be shunned from street skating?

Oh dude, fucking  Benihana’s. Like at this point…have you looked at the Instagram Explore page lately? I make it a point not to look at Instagram.

What happens to people when they look at Instagram too much, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes what happens to people, grown men, grown adults. People that grew up, you know, finding spots off the Thomas guide, using a map to find out like how to get to this and that before cell phones. Adults can develop attention deficit disorder using Instagram. It can ruin people who use it too much, and knowing that, I’ve actually been getting really interested in the the the effects of social media and reading about it. Now it’s a whole branch of psychology, it’s like psychology grew a tumor.




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