The Rules Of Skateboarding are back! Thank god we know they are needed. Up now is Giovanni Reda’s talking about the up’s and down’s of being a skateboard photographer in the age of digital media.



Do you think it’s harder to keep a trick under wraps now that everyone is walking around with cameras in their pockets?

Yes. And with social media, now everything is instant gratification. It’s fucking tough. It’s definitely tough to keep shit under wraps. I remember in the early days of Twitter videos, I shot this kid back noseblunting down a handrail and then Kerry Getz put it up on his Twitter. Ben Colen texted me and was like, “Damn, some heavy fucking skating on Kerry’s Twitter!” and I’m like “Take that down bro, what are you doing?” And then he took it down, but you know, shit happens.

So I guess social media ties into the next question: with social media and all the digital platforms to run photos, is it even necessary to keep a trick under wraps these days?

I guess it depends on what you’re doing and what you want to do, and what the end result is supposed to be. Look, I guess you just gotta ride the wave of technology, it is what it is. Social media is a presence now. Magazines are better—there’s only like, what, two magazines now? But I think they’re better with curating what they’re putting out, so that stuff won’t have to stay under wraps for as long as it used to be. I mean fuck, you didn’t see Marc Johnson for years while he was filming that Lakai video. Everything was just under wraps.



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