Lord of the Static and now Theories Of Atlantis underground, Josh Stewart, has some rules when it comes to music supervision in skateboarding. As there should be as there is in every part of skateboard culture. Re-using a song someone else has already skated to? Nope.

But that’s not the only one. Josh brings up the point that skaters often have a song they are dying to skate to, but they are only seeing it as one chapter, not as the full book. That being said, sometimes they are right. Getting the right song is a fine line. Too bad it doesn’t matter as much now as it used to as most skate videos are watched once before the next piece of skate “content” is being forced down your throat. Also brought up are Josh’s biggest regrets when it came to Static song choices and what makes a parts song choice become a true classic.



What about reusing a song that someone else has skated to? What circumstances is that allowed? Are there any?

It’s kind of on your conscience, you know what I mean? Did you really not know that that song had already been used? Usually it’s an absolute no, because you’re hurting yourself.

In Static IV I almost used a song Reynolds skated to. I didn’t even see it! It’s one of the ones, Baker 2G or something. One of the ones that slipped past me. He skates to Donovan. I had it edited and I was so hyped on how it went. I don’t show it to anybody and somehow Pat Steiner was in the office and heard it and was like ‘You’re not editing to that, are you?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, why?’ And he was just like the emoji with the hand in the face.

I don’t know if there’s a rule I live by with that. You almost always just can’t use it.




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