Ain’t no one touch up a crusty ass street spot like Freddy Gall. Let him guide you to greatness as he discusses the lengths he’ll go in order to make a spot skateable. These “Rules Of Skateboarding” features from Village Psychic really hit the mark.

After all the controversy over Steve Berra building his own “street spots” it’s refreshing that Fred Gall knows where to draw the line.



What do you think about modifying a spot to make it skateable? Do you have a line you draw where it starts to make the spot not count?
I mean, you can’t go too far with it. You don’t want to make it perfect, you know? But fixing a spot, modifying a spot is all right. As long as you don’t go too far with it.



Click to VILLAGE PSYCHIC for The Rules Of Skateboarding #4 w/ Fred Gall





Finally got to skate this gem of a spot

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