Vancouver used to be the skate capital of the universe. Then skate stopping all but bought the plane tickets for the cities best skaters to move to Toronto and Montreal. There were even conspiracy rumors that certain high profile skateboarders and skate park building companies were working for the government so that they properly got the job done. Taking big money to stop their own passion. Probably not true, but who knows.

This is just one example of how the trend of defensive architecture is harming street skateboarding. We must stop it! Village Psychic talked to the experts at Dismal Garden.



Do you think we will see an increase in this type of architecture over the next decade?

Yes definitely, as the rhetoric of terror and all the scaffolding that comes with it becomes a kind of ideology that permeates our everyday lives you will see it more and more – the rapid fortification of Trump Tower and the streets around it without any discussion or argument is just one recent example. Armed security guards and soldiers on the streets is now normal, airport style bag checks to get into shops and museums – this combined with the privatization of everything and the enclosure of public space makes for quite a depressing picture of what our future cities will look like. In a way it is like regressing back to how some city centers were in the 18th Century.




Click to VILLAGE PSYCHIC for their “Defensive Architecture” interview with Dismal Garden








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