The Rise, Fall, + Rise Of Christian Hosoi | “I didn’t have to stay in that rut of drug addiction, fame, trying to find my identity again.”


Yobeat – who invented snowboarding on the Internet – recently made waves by saying they were going to post videos that had skiing in it, if it was still a dope video. Now they are covering a skateboarder who is bigger than Jesus Christ himself, maybe, Christian Hosoi! Very cool.

If you’re not familiar with Christian’s story it’s a pretty crazy one. He was as big as Elvis and nearly as eccentric, crashed and burned by getting addicted to crystal meth, getting caught with a bunch of it at the Honolulu airport and getting sent to jail, and then rose from these depths to get clean and sober and back on the board. Now the day before he turns 50, Christian Hosoi gives Yobeat some words. It even involves stories of getting signed by Tom Sims and snowboarding for the first time.



Jason Jessee said recently, “America has Elvis. We have Christian Hosoi. He was bigger than life.” Your thoughts?

I love Jason Jessee. You know, I sponsored him as a kid riding for Rocket Wheels when I did the Hosoi Rockets. There was always something special about that kid, his skateboarding abilities, his demeanor and how he approached things. To see how he has become a larger than life character that he is today is awesome for him to say something like that. Its truly an honor when people put me on that pedestal of what I mean to them so that humbles me every time. Elvis was my idol. It was Elvis, Bruce Lee, Clint Eastwood and Bob Marley. Those were my idols as a kid. Then it was Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Shogo Kubo. To be put into the light of Elvis Presley by one of your peers, especially those that have a pretty strong voice in our culture today, is amazing.



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