Things are heating up over at The Not Snowboarding Podcast. The new episode is with Nick Geisen who has some pretty epic stories about snowboarding and getting locked up in Japan for 27 days.



“I was first introduced to Nick and his twin brother Chris by my friend Justin Majeczky who was filming the Nick and Chris in the Tahoe area about six years ago. He said, “you should sponsor these dudes, they’re winning every contest out here.”
Since then, Nick and I have stayed in touch, but mostly through the internet or text. We’d occasionally get to chat a bit in person at Seven Springs if our paths crossed, but I didn’t really get to know Nick well until I drove across country with him last fall – we get into that road trip, his relationship with his twin brother, the secret to instagram success in snowboarding and a very sobering story about being jailed in Japan for 27 days.”



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