People love talking about the snowboard industry right now. The current ‘state of the industry’ type doomsday talk.

“Shoulda been here yesterday.”

“Snowboarding is dead.”

etc. etc. etc.

Such nonsense. Anyway here is a great write-up from Cody Liska that covers the early legends to the current day and how we got here.



The snowboard industry has failed, as much as it has accomplished. That seems to be the consensus anyway. For better or for worse, the industry is changing, and we are the ones affecting that change. We, the riders. The brands. The designers. The developers. The retailers. The consumers. And we’re all one of two things: agents of change, or cogs in an increasingly-corporate machine.

“One thing that upsets people is the reason snowboarding failed is because of us. It’s the ‘Who Killed the Kennedys?’ line in the Rolling Stones’ song,” Brad Steward tells me. “We created a bunch of similar products out of a very limited group of factories and we only pushed one or two aesthetic versions of the sport, and they all kind of looked the same… And that’s not an indictment, there’s nothing I would change. I love the people that I have come to know through snowboarding, but if you pull the logo off the top five brands today, you wouldn’t really know the difference… Maybe in our rush to legitimize everything, we somehow brought this to pass—we hurried to make snowboarding big. And I don’t think anybody likes to hear that.”



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