Mike Basich made history by bomb dropping out of a helicopter from 120-ft. But amongst snowboarders he was already a cult figure and continues to be to this day. He led the charge on creative self-photography and building off the grid homes and living in van’s wayyy before it became trendy.


“He soon started to feel consumed by the maintenance required of a large living space, which opposed where he actually was and wanted to spend time: on the road chasing snow and playing in the outdoors. So he sold the house and bought, built out, and lived in a Ford Sportsmobile camper van for two years. 

“I went from one big thing to next small thing. I also went from competing to quitting competitions in order to be back in nature without those structured responsibilities. My one goal was to be mobile, because I loved to be in storms and I needed to have more flexibility. But being in a vehicle and not needing to go through security, I could go to Alaska whenever I needed to.”


Of his off the grid tiny home Mike says:

“It was a perfect combination of bringing the snow I had been chasing for 20 years to my front door instead of trying to travel the world to find it, while being close to town,” said Basich. He’s three miles from a paved road, five miles from a small grocery store, and 15 minutes from meeting friends in Truckee.



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